Gainsubs is Back!!! New and Improved!!

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After an extended period of down-time due to limitations put in place by YouTube, we are happy to announce that we have completely updated our system and source code to implement new methods and procedures to comply with YouTube requirements. These new changes will prevent YouTube from removing subscriptions from Gainsubs users. You will notice the changes which will play a video in a popup window from each user you subscribe to. Note that the video doesn't need to run completely through. Allow a few seconds to play before completing the subscription and closing the window.

Also, please remember that due to the number of months Gainsubs has been down, the database of users is “inactive” meaning that new Sub4Subs and Like4Lifes will not work for most of the users showing in the system. Until users reconnect again which renews the session with YouTube, the Subs will fail. This will only be a problem for the first days or weeks as Gainsubs begins to grow again and the user database is updated with fresh users.

This update has been a long time in the making, and a lot of money has been spent of its development. We now have the most advanced, valuable YT Subs/Likes system on the internet today. Please share with your friends and social networks! The faster Gainsubs can grow its user database, the better the system will work.

Lastly, for those who have used our system in the past, this new version has the ability to scale up as traffic grows. We will not experience a slow down or poor performance with increased usage. I can add resources as needed and add additional channels or “connections” to YouTube allowing higher volumes of subscriptions to be completed without delays or failures.

We welcome you back!!!

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